all humans are different, just like our bodies are. some minds are stronger than others. some are happier, some are faster. and just like bodies, minds can have illnesses too.


mental illnesses are well and alive. they have the power to consume you, seep into all aspects of your daily life, until they’re all that’s left. but mental illnesses can’t be cured with pills, surgeries, and injections. your mind can’t be removed or replaced like a kidney or liver. 


your mind, however, can be healed. and sometimes all you need is a simple touch. a kind, human, touch, and the power of care. NIHMANS is India’s leading mental health institution. representing the power of a simple touch, this mural serves as a testimony to all those who dedicate their lives to helping others heal. all the doctors and nurses, who use their kind human touch to heal the world and help people realize that their mental illnesses are not their limitations.

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