our story. 

project limitless started in 2018, when we visited a sex-trafficking rescue home for young girls. we spent a day creating artwork with the girls, and it was evident that art brought them joy. however, we later heard about the girls' harrowing narratives, which so deeply contrasted their joyful personalities. we wanted to represent this duality and use a bright, happy medium to depict serious topics in an optimistic manner. that's when we had the idea of creating collective wall murals to uplift communities. 

our vision. 

art has the power to uplift communities, tell stories, and beautify spaces. but for centuries, the majority of Indian society has not been able to reap these benefits. art has been locked up in galleries and wealthy homes, away from mainstream society. . we want to make art accessible to everyone by putting it out on the streets. 

our vision is to transform India into a walk-through gallery through accessible, socially meaningful art.

our murals:



the communities that we work with are involved in the entire mural process - from designing to executing. this reminds community members that their voices are heard. additionally, depicting personal social barriers on a wall is very cathartic and helps community members let go of their (often troubled) pasts.


every mural tells a marginalized story - one that is seldom represented in mainstream media. our process begins by conducting dialogues with communities to learn about the social issues that they face. we then depict these issues in our murals, therefore introducing them to society.

most of the underprivileged communities we work with have dark, destitute surroundings. by introducing murals, we manage to brighten up the spaces. as per the broken windows theory, this incentivizes residents to further maintain their environment, therefore having a long term impact. 

"art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

our team.

Navya Agarwal

founder & director

Ishanya Chanana

outreach & shop

Vaishnavi Mudlapur


Meghana Geetha


Anushka Chaudhary

shop & operations

Natasha Thapa

blog & operations

Mihika Suryavanshi


Naina Poddar


Naina Chitravanshi


Aayat Aziz

outreach & shop

Muskan Bisht


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