in order for a flower to grow, it needs a certain amount of love, care, and nourishment. similarly, a child requires all these things to thrive. different flowers flourish in different environments; some need special care, and some are easily adaptable. likewise, different children require different environments to progress. some children are especially unique, they have special needs and requirements that can’t be fulfilled by a typical environment.


autism is a developmental disorder that impairs one’s ability to communicate and interact, and it impacts nearly one million Indians every year. Chaarana is a very special school, one that aims to provide children on the autism spectrum with the resources to learn, grow, and thrive. Chaarana cultivates these special children’s minds at an early age, allowing them to blossom and reach their full potential later on in life. by helping young children overcome their difficulties, Chaarana helps young children realize that their autism is not their limitation, making them limitless. 

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