we all make mistakes. there’s small mistakes, like spilling a can of paint or getting a paper cut, and there’s larger mistakes like robbing a shop of bread or hitting someone. what most people don’t realize is that a large mistake is just a collection of small mistakes over time; you steal a loaf of bread for your family every day and slowly you’ve robbed a shop, or your words of self defense evolve into a violent fight.  


this mural aims to embrace the beauty of making mistakes. a little paint spill down the wall, was a mistake, but it ended up creating something beautiful. the same way, young offenders (such as the ones at this juvie ) have made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good people. there’s always an upside to their blunders, it teaches them a lesson and encourages them to become better people. 


so before you judge someone for their mistakes, understand the situation, the build up of events that led to it. understand how mistakes can be used to grow and improve. only when we realize that it’s okay to make mistakes (they’re what make us human) can we help young offenders overcome their pasts. only then, can we help them realize that their mistakes are not their limitations, and make them truly limitless.

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