metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one


from the moment we enter this world, it seems as if our lives have already been mapped out for us. we do not get to chose the families, bodies, or circumstances we are born into. it is what it is. and sometimes, some of us end up with the absolute worse. young girls are born into homes of abusive fathers and absent mothers, or abandoned on the road for a lifetime of rape and abuse. but here’s the thing: while we may not have the power to change the life are born into, we do have the power to change ourselves, and who we are.


throughout this project, i had the privilege of working with 20 incredibly strong young girls, who let go of their troubled pasts and transformed their destinies. together, we created a mural of butterflies, representing their inner transformation or ‘metamorphosis’. at the end, they each signed their name on one of the butterflies, manifesting their sense of belonging and attachment to Swakshatra. through this process, they realized that their pasts were no longer their limitations, and together, they became limitless.

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