bad dancer

a poem by Palak Sharma

Standing under the shower

As the water draws calm

On my bare body

With a bare mind

Under a dark

That even night

Doesn’t even offer

Would you allow me?

To get lost

Under these droplets, to hide

Under this water soaked ceiling

As I stand with cold water

Trickling down my head

I know not

How I will stand under

The heavy weight of being alive

How will

My cracked, soft shoulders

Bear of what life gifts

And if

To suffer is to live

What if I cannot?

As I stand under the shower

And I am no wizard

But, I wish I could stop time

Right here

Right now

To get lost in a forever of this moment

Under the cold water

With a cold heart, and if

“Life is Music

And we are the dancers”

What if, I am deaf?

Standing under the shower

With the same old four wet walls

Closing in on me

And my dreams, my time

I prepare for another war

With the person under my skin

I prepare to storm out

Into the storm of reality

Oh god I hope

I don’t get blown away

And as the water stops

The rhythm of calm dissolves

Into the music of life

And God only knows

I am a bad dancer.

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