til death we do art

an article by Natasha Thapa:

"Till death we do art"

It's a big deal to say or to commit to something for the rest of

your life. Life is uncertain, it's volatile. 

But if the thing you're committing to has given you calm in chaos, if it has helped you make sense of the world, if it's made you feel alive, you must owe your life to it.

For me, that one thing I would like to commit my life to is Art. Whenever I feel like the walls are closing in on me, I seek solace in Art. It helps me escape to a universe inhabited by me and my paintbrushes alone. In this universe, I feel at peace, away from the tensions of this world. 

Art has changed my life in several ways, and I'll forever be grateful for that. It's helped me stabilize my mental health, and it's provided a coping mechanism for even the most difficult situations. Art has been omnipresent throughout my entire life, from the most exciting milestones to the most mundane days. 

Joining Project Limitless has helped me believe in the power of transforming humanity through art. I've managed to manifest this ideology not just in others, but also in myself. I've come to terms with whoever I am today, and I've found a universe to call home. 

Even during this lockdown, art has managed to save the world. People around me have begun to use art to explore their creativity and cope with these difficult times. They've found solace, hope, and comfort in the power of art. 

"Art is freedom. It is the ability to bend things most people see as a straight line."

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