to be fully free

an article by Naina Chitravanshi, accompanied with a painting by Anushka Chaudhary

'To be fully free' – it is an abstract concept. Most of us are born free in all the ways we can imagine. Free to pursue what we want, free to like what we want, free to choose the people we want to surround ourselves with, and, as most of us assume, to love and to be. If everything is fair in love and war, then why do we have restrictions on whom to love? Why is that when two opposites gender fall in love, it's beautiful, but when two people on the same gender fall in love, it's disgusting and 'against the law of nature'? Why is it that society puts restrictions on who we are allowed to love or not? Why doesn't the choice belong to us? Why is it that they get the final say? Why do our families feel embarrassed when we tell them about our sexual orientation? Did we not fall in love? Why are there chains on us?

Why is there prejudice against transgender people and intersex people? If we're all made by one almighty, why do we discriminate against those made by the same almighty? Why are

people conforming to the LGBTQIA community shunned out of our society?

"What they don't understand, they retaliate against." – This seems to be the aptest answer. Why is it that people can't broaden their perspective to understand the choice, the naturalness of the people belonging to the LGBTQIA community? A lot of people in this community suppress their normal inside them so that society will accept them. To all the people who spoke their truth, who became their truth in front of the entire society, we applaud you. We stand by you. To all the people who are yet to speak up, we respect you, tell the world your truth whenever you wish to, and remember, when this society rejects you for who you are, we'll be standing here, ready to hold you in our arms.

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