"art speaks where words are unable to explain” 

40,000 years ago, before words and scriptures existed, our ancestors depicted their societies by painting what would come to be known as “the world’s first paintings.” now, millenniums later, Project Limitless strives to carry on our ancestors’ legacy by using collective murals to demonstrate the various social ills that plague society. by empowering marginalized communities and exploring causes that are seldom showcased in mainstream media, Project Limitless hopes to ultimately “transform humanity through art.”

it all started back in 2018, when we visited a group of girls in a grim shelter and recognized the brightness and joy that our artwork brought into their lives. now, we work with communities all over the world to spread the same effect. in order to do so, we visit several underprivileged communities, ranging from mental health hospitals to juvenile detention centers, and conduct engaging dialogues to understand their fundamental problems. we then work with the members of these communities to paint powerful murals that formally recognize the extent of their problems, which provides emotional catharsis. furthermore, our wall murals brighten up locations that are often dark and dull, resulting in a long-term positive psychological impact. beyond that, we share our murals on social media platforms to help make members of society more aware, understanding, and empathetic.


ultimately, we hope to evolve Project Limitless beyond walls and utilize art to unite humankind, regardless of gender, race, caste, or creed. 


to create 50 wall murals that involve 500 people by 2022



calling all artists and activists: use your passion for creativity and change to help us transform humanity through art! our various involvement levels, ranging from team members to one-time volunteers, are specially designed to accommodate your schedule. so, what are you waiting for? click the button below to join the Project Limitless family.

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